Kathryn & Adam's Shower

It was a fiesta at Kathryn & Adam's Couples Shower! Valerie & Megan enjoying some fajitas. Kellyn, me & Megan getting the party started! Me, Kathryn & Megan The cupcakes we assembled the night before were a big hit!
No fiesta is complete without a cactus pinata! Kathryn was excited to take a swing before we blindfolded her.
Adam was successful in the end! Lots of fun goodies were found inside. The ladies were a fan of the "diamond" rings.
Valerie brought cascarones which was one of my favorites of the night. Kathryn & Mary executed a sneak attack on their mother. We all had a great time getting to know everyone in the wedding party and fun with our old friends.

Wedding Shower Cupcakes

Megan was making cupcakes for Kathryn and Adam's wedding shower at the end of July. So a few of us decided to make a party of it! Megan made the cupcakes, Val brought the Cupcake wine and Kellyn & I packed them up! The set-up. There were vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with yellow, pink and orange icing. Val doing a little taste testing of the chocolate batter.
Megan made fondant coin with a K for Kathryn and an A for Adam. There was glitter on them, but it doesn't show in the picture.
Megan doing her thing icing the cupcakes and I was lucky enough to place the coins on top.
The finished product. Getting them into the box without making a flaw was harder than you might think. After all was boxed we personally delivered them to Rosemary's house. Stay tuned for the co-ed shower!


Sunday Funday

We kicked off our last Sunday Funday with a picnic in Waikiki. Natalie brought us a beautiful cake. We barbecued burgers and dogs while enjoying a few cold brews. Lauren, Kara and I having a dance party while walking to Duke's on Sunday.
Hawaii Roomies
Me & Natalie
Us with Dave.
These are the koozies Lauren & I had made for our farewell. They say,"What happens in HI, Stays in HI; Lauren & Ellyn October 2008 - June 2009"
They were quite the collectors item!
It's the Tripler crew. GO ARMY!
Crazy sunglasses picture!
So happy for all the friends and great adventures had in Hawaii. So sad to leave. The memories will last a lifetime.


While getting up the next morning may have been a little challenging. We quickly made our way over to Koneohe for a little boating. We rented a pontoon boat and stayed at the Sandbar all day. The drink of choice were Jello shots!
Our captain John.
Nice picture illustrating Mike's valiant effort in retrieving a runaway tube. Kara did mention that he wasn't the strongest swimmer as he jumped in the water. Oops!
Lauren showing me a little love.
John modeling his sexy water socks.
Kara and I relaxing on the boat.
Kara and I doing a little tubing.
All the girls: Lauren, Kara, Natalie, Jackie, and me.
Our boat was named the Loose Screw.
It's never a celebration without a little bubbly! Only the finest for us.
This is us heading back in at the end of the day. Thanks for an awesome day. Love my girls!

Last Friday

We started off our last Friday at our friend Rob's promotion party (Navy). Fun cocktails with a few sailors at Tiki's. Of course our homing device steered us straight to Kelley's.
We danced the night away and Lauren even played the ukulele. We made sure to stay and help shut the place down by the end of the night. This was a great start to fun-filled weekend.


After our powered hang gliding adventure. I decided that I needed to skydive in Hawaii. I was told if you're going to do it, this was the place. So I took advantage. This was our group above. Two on the ends are Lauren's friends visiting and our friend Frank who did this twice before. Frank, Lauren and I went first. This is just before we climbed in the plane. Lauren was VERY nervous. She originally wasn't going to do it, but talked herself into it. I'm very proud of her.
Lauren was first out of the plane. Probably good that she didn't see one of her friends jump out of a plane before she did. This is Frank and I getting hooked into our experienced skydivers.
It's finally my turn to move towards the door!
60 seconds of free fall!
We jumped from 14,000 feet.
Crazy! Looks like I'm having the time of my life...really it's the wind helping to put that smile on my face!
About to go through a cloud.
That's me landing safely back on the ground. Quite an amazing experience that I probably don't have to do again for many years.


Kayaking to the Mokes

We have been waiting for summer our entire stay in Hawaii to kayak to the mokes. The wind and waves are just too strong the rest of the year. We kayaked from Kailua out to the two islands in the picture above. We spent the afternoon at the island on the left. We were in two man kayaks. We made it! The group includes: me, Jackie, Kara, Lauren, Shell, and Christine.
After enjoying a cold beverage on the beach. We took a hike around the island.
It was a little treacherous at times, especially with the waves crashing just below you. I was the slow one trying to avoid any disasters. I did have one flip-flop blow out on the way back, but that's why I keep Lauren around. She fixed it in a jiffy and we continued on our way.
A close-up picture of salt collecting on the rocks.
We went swimming on the backside of the island. It was worth the crazy hike. That's part of the group in the water already...remember I said I was the slow one. Some crazy people were climbing up the rocks and then jumping into this deep pool. The current was very strong here.
That's me jumping in from a rock shelf. So refreshing! The water was crystal clear.
Lauren and I swimming and trying not to be washed out to sea. The girls climbed out and hiked barefoot around another little piece of the island and I sat at this location and waited. While I had my feet in the water, I saw the biggest purple eel every swim right by me! Yikes! I promptly removed my feet from the water.
View from the beach, looking back at Oahu. It was a great day!
Jackie and Kara in their kayak. Glad we had these ladies with us...they were great guides!