Ellyn = Shark Bait!

I wanted to make sure Kellyn had a real adventure during her trip to Hawaii. So I took her to swim with sharks! We had to be up really early to be at the North Shore boat harbor by sunrise. Everyone was a little nervous and very excited!
The cage is hooked on the back of the boat. You can see how big it is next to Lauren.
Saw a nice rainbow on our boat ride out to the site. Nice camera work Kellyn!
Close up picture of the chum! They didn't have to put chum in the water like you see in Jaws. The sharks know the sound of the motor which is the same motor the crab boats use. The sharks show up at the boat without feeding them. This bucket of chum will last for 5 shark encounters. They throw it in the water for a little action.
Lauren playing with a shark toy on our boat as we wait our turn to go in the cage. They put 3 to 4 people in the cage at a time. We stayed in the cage for about 20 minutes.
Kellyn's ready!
Two sides of the cage are plexiglass, that's why it looks like there is nothing between me and shark.
The sharks are Galapagos sharks, categorized as dangerous sharks even though there is only one recorded attack.
There were about 15 sharks in the water which were 9 to 10 feet long.
Make sure you keep your arms and legs inside the cage!
Sorry the video moves around a bit...it's hard to video, snorkel and keep your feet in the cage all at the same time. You can hear us squealing through our snorkel masks.

Tripler Night Out

One of the doctors we work with is in a band. So we had Tripler Night Out to support him. Lots of nurses and doctors in a dive bar. Lauren and a little tambourine time. It's contagious...it's time for Kellyn's tambourine time.
Jeff, I need more cow bell!
Erick, Simon, Dr. Crawley and Jeff
Lots of fun! I even broke a beer glass. It just isn't fun unless I break something or fall down.
Erick getting some lovin'!
Fun was had by all! We may have to plan a repeat event...