Girls Night Out!

We decided to have Ladies Night this past weekend. We went to one of the few clubs in Waikiki as opposed to our usual bars. From left to right: Christine, Lauren, ME, Jackie, Stacey, and Natalie; aka from left to right: Mike, Paulie, Wickity Wayne, Dan the Man, Paul and Mark. We had a little pre-party with games at Jackie's apartment. Stacey and myself at the club. I just got my Hawaiian Shaved Ice trucker hat that afternoon. I was very excited to wear it out! Group picture at the club. I was asked to remove my hat at this point. Just want to make it clear that I did ask upon entry if I could sport my hat and was told,"Girls can wear whatever they want." I was a little sad :(
But have no fear...we ended up our favorite regular bar and the hat came back out!
Lauren and Stacey taking a self-portrait.
I was ever so generous to share my hat with whoever requested. Nobody can resist a hat with a snow cone on it!
Not even my roomie Lauren!
Here I am at the end of the night. Very happy to have made it home with the hat. But having trouble finding my house key. As you can see, I dumped the entire contents of my bag on the floor outside our door looking for it while Lauren and Stacey laughed at me. Girls night was a success!

Maui Sun & Fun

We had a delicious lunch with adult beverages after our whale watching tour. Lauren is the blue umbrella, I'm the short squatty one in the middle and Stacey is the pink umbrella. After lunch in Lahina, we headed back to the resort, but got stuck in traffic. It's a good thing we had a convertible. We just put the top down and enjoyed the sun! We were going so slow that Stacey got out at a park to use the bathroom. I jumped from the back seat and slide into the driver's seat. She was able to catch up to us on foot. Frustrating one lane highways. Oh, the sacrifices one must make to live in Hawaii!
We made it back before the sun went down. Enjoyed the pool bar and the hot tub!
Then we had a dance party in our room!
We can have fun anywhere! The staff knocked on the door for turn down service, but we thought we were getting in trouble for being loud. Lucky for us the dance party continued. We had a great time in Maui. I think we will try to go back again before we leave for good.

Maui Sunset

Maui sunset pictures taken from the hot tub! There's us in the hot tub.
Dessert we had after dinner. See the little island warrior made out of chocolate? He is holding a spear. Dessert had mac nut ice cream and Kona coffee ice cream. I am a huge fan of hula pie in the great state of Hawaii! Yay for ice cream!
Lovely ladies out for a nice dinner.
One last sunset to end this post.


Maui: Honeymoon

The hotel we stayed at was amazing! Lauren's friend, Stacey, was kind enough to share her free points with us. This picture shows how the hotel is open air above. I told everyone that I can now say I've been on my honeymoon. What an amazing resort!
Picture of the hotel and the hibiscus pool. All the pools were heated. This pool was adults only. They also had kid friendly areas...it was like we had our own water park at the resort. Water slides, lazy river, water elevator, Tarzan swing to name a few things and yes it was all heated as well. Did I mention there were cabana boys?
Our beautiful room. The bed was amazing as were the pillows...didn't even squeak like my bed at home!
Bathroom appears to be infested with a few cooties in the bath tub!
View looking down from our room. A nice garden area with flowing streams.
View looking out from our room. I don't usually get an ocean view, but don't forget I told you this was a special trip (my honeymoon, actually the Happy Couples honeymoon). Thanks again Stacey!

Maui: Whales

We were late to our whale watching tour...made it in the nick of time. This is the boat we were on. Because we were late, we had seats on the outside...so we just sat on the orange part. Here we are on our seats. It was a sunny, but really windy day on Maui.
The whales (humpback) would come so close to our boat. This is a picture of a mother whale with her baby (which you can't see) following our boat.
Me on the whale tour. The water is so blue!
Picture of Maui in the distance.
This is a whale who was slapping his tail on the water. He probably did it 30 to 40 times in a row.
This whale was very close and would just hold his tail up in the water...made for a perfect picture opportunity.
Lauren snuggling up to me for warmth. We came to find out that we were very lucky on our first whale watching boat. We saw way more whales than they see on most. We even saw two whales breeching in the distance. (Breeching is when they jump completely out of the water.) We had a lot of fun!

Maui: Zip Line

I worked this past Wednesday night and then stayed up all day the next day, didn't want to miss any of my short Maui trip. Lauren's friend Stacey is visiting from Delaware. They picked me up from the airport and we went straight to zip lining. Check me out in my gear! It's sexy and compliments my best features! Lauren and I goofing around in our gear. Stacey is in the middle and of course me on the left and Lauren on the right. We were on the side of the mountain with the famous summit in Maui. For my family: it's very close to the Lavender Farm. Walking out to the zip line course. This is a landing picture of Lauren. You have to start running before you hit the platform. Stacey and Lauren walking on the trail from one zip line to the next. We did a total of 5 zip lines and a suspension bridge.
Here I come!
I'm getting closer!
Safe landing! I made it! Lots of fun!
Here is a picture of the suspension bridge we walked across. It was pretty high up from the ground, but by far the most boring part of the excursion.
Picture of Lauren flying by on the last zip line. One of the longest and fastest in the state. It was 750ft. long. Way fun! They even let us run full speed off the platform.
I would have to rank zip lining a close second after surfing on the canoe. Hope my dad can come back for another trip so I can go zip lining with him!