Downtown Chinatown

Mike, Chris, Lauren, and I changed it up this past Saturday and went out in downtown Honolulu instead of Waikiki. We were in training for our New Year's Eve celebration!
Just putting a few nursing skills to work outside the hospital.
A little tender loving care makes everyone feel better! A good time was had by all and I think I'm ready for a rockin' New Year's Eve celebration!

Santa Comes to Hawaii

It is true that we had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas night...Santa still came to see us in Honolulu. We stayed up the morning after we worked to open presents and stockings. One of our friends even came over to with a special delivery. We got official gray Army shirts that reflect and everything! Just what we asked for. I'll make sure to have a picture of that soon.
Thanks Mike!

There were lots of favorites in our stockings. Thanks MOM!

One of my favorites from Lauren was my Delaware Blue Hen shirt (I know it's not the greatest picture)! We had a nice Christmas even though we were not with our families. Thanks for all the warm wishes and we both look forward to a family Christmas next year!

Snorkel with the Litwins

Lauren's brother and sister-in-law came to visit just before Christmas. We took them for a day of snorkeling and sun at Hanauma Bay. I put these pictures of the bay up again because it was a much clearer day both in and out of the water.
We stopped to take a picture half way down the hill. It was a beautiful day!
Lauren's brother Chris on the beach. I can now say I have met the entire Litwin Family and that includes Samson! Chris' wife, Ashley, enjoying the sun.
Pretty scenic picture.

How Could I Forget These!

A last couple pictures that I forgot were on Lauren's camera. These pictures are all from the last evening we all had together. I am loving the prom pose above...I have to take credit that I directed this photo!Just little ole me in an action pose, rowing the canoe through a hotel lobby. I crack myself up!
There was a storm brewing when we headed to dinner...so indoor dinning was the best option. We started off with a few cocktails. Mom had a yummy martini.
While I had a lava flow, one of my favorite "tourist tropical" drinks.
We could not help ourselves from getting dessert! This is the Baked Hawaii, which disappeared shortly after this photo. We loved the Hawaiian shirt plate for presentation. Very tasty Hawaiian tropical take on the Baked Alaska.
Walked around the Moana Surfrider hotel, this hotel is mentioned in a previous post. Loved the tree and love my Lauren (such a happy couple picture).


All Vacations Must End :(

The last day I spent with the parents before they went back to Texas...we went to Kailua on the other side of the island from where I live. We had burgers for lunch at a top 10 burger place in the US. And of course we enjoyed them outside in December! Gotta love Hawaii!
Daddy and I with stuffed tummies!
We drove downtown to see the royal palace and the state capitol building. The picture above is Mom and Dad with the statue of the last ruler of Hawaii behind them...same guy is on the new Hawaii state quarter. Sent Mom home with a few for her collection.
Mom and Dad took several pictures of Winnie. She was her own highlight!
These last two pictures were random left over pictures I wanted to share from their visit. Dad and I under a banyon tree.
Mom and I by the Christmas tree in our building. The front lobby is open air. You can see the courtyard behind the tree.
I am glad I talked Mom and Dad into coming out together. We had a good time and it was so nice to spend time with them both. I miss my old people! Love you both!

North Shore

After our visit at the Dole Plantation we headed out to the shore to show Mom & Dad where the real surfers catch the waves. We headed to the Pipeline...where they hold the Pipeline Masters. We were there the day before the final competition was starting.
Here is Lauren and I surfing in our dreams! The waves start out small in the morning and gradually gain height throughout the day.
Picture of the beach where the competition is held. You can see the tent in the bottom left corner where the surfers wait for their heats.
Surfers catching some waves. Saw a few young teenagers out there. I would surely drown if I played in these waves. You can see a guy doing a trick on the left side of the picture as the wave ends.
Happy little family chillin' on the beach watching the surfers!


Pineapple Pete at the Dole Plantation

We headed up to the North Shore and stopped at the Dole Pineapple Plantation on the way. We did not know exactly what to expect, but were pleasantly surprised. I actually learned that pineapples grow from a bush...I thought they came from trees for some reason. Takes two to three years for a pineapple to grow. Look at me with the baby pineapple!
Look at these crazy kids! They look more than a few days old...must be fermented pineapples! Pineapple Pete is Dole's mascot. We looked all over the plantation for him with no luck.
This picture is a view looking out at the pineapple fields. These two fields are 6 months old. In this area of the North Shore you can just drive down the two lane highway and see pineapple fields everywhere.
We took a guided tour around the garden at the plantation. We learned how to buy fresh pineapple and about plants you see in Hawaii. I'm posing with a banana tree above. Did you know a banana plant can only produce one bunch of bananas and then it is done?
It's Lauren and I next to the baby pineapple plants in the field! We decided we are going to be pineapples for Halloween next year. Come back October 2009 for the installment. My impression of a hula pineapple! We had fun and did our fair share of shopping in the gift shop which included buying a one day old pineapple. We did have pineapple ice cream, but forgot to take a picture because we enjoyed it too much.

Lauren with our pineapple!

Some Were Boozin' and Some Were Cruisin'!

We had so much fun on the booze cruise with Dad last month, we knew Mom was going to have to experience it! I took my parents and gathered a group of friends and we took over the boat! They got a boat ride and a chance to meet some of our friends. The catamaran leaves from Duke's and sails around Waikiki and near Diamond Head.
Happy roomies...we were definitely boozin'!
Happy parents...they were crusin'! How picturesque with the sun setting in the background. Makes you want to hop on a plane, leave whatever cold place you are right now and come visit me, doesn't it?
I like this picture. Lauren looks like she's having SO much fun! It was the perfect evening for a booze cruise! Here's the picture of the actual sun set! Ships ahoy...I think we are going to become regulars on the booze cruise!

Momma & Papa Scholz Come to Hawaii

Mom & Dad made it to Hawaii! After their arrival, which included two leis, a few alohas, and a couple happy tears, I promptly took my parents out for drinks with umbrellas!
We sat outside at House Without a Key on Waikiki Beach. Of course the weather was perfect as it almost always is! We listened to some live Hawaiian music...with a special rendition of "Mele Kalikimaka" which I sang along to.

There was also a nice view of Diamond Head from the restaurant which you can see in the background of the picture above.

We finished the evening watching the sun set over Waikiki Beach and disappear into the Pacific!

The Next Day

Their first full day in Honolulu started with breakfast at Duke's Canoe Club. We had a table with a view of the beach where we enjoyed tropical juice and fruit. Yummy! I'll be going here again with or without visitors! After breakfast we happened upon a Christmas motorcycle parade and then Mom and I took off to shop under the banyan trees at the International Market Place. We wandered around Waikiki stopping at the many hotels and checking out the Christmas decorations. My favorite was in the Moana Surfrider. Their tree had giant butterflies on it...it's the tree Mom and I are standing by in the picture above. This hotel has been on Waikiki Beach for over 100 years. Mom thinks it would be great for a wedding...is that supposed to be a hint??? No weddings for the Scholz girls anytime soon, but stay tuned for the remainder of Mom and Dad's trip, including the booze cruise later that night!