Sunset at Duke's

Just loved the pictures of the sky. After enjoying music on the beach at Duke's we made sure to have a photo shoot at sunset. We pretty much do this every Sunday when we aren't working.
The clouds were amazing! Life in Hawaii isn't too bad!

Manoa Falls

Lauren and I hiked Manoa Falls this past week. And I didn't get hurt or fall down!!! Walking through the rain forest. Lauren standing on the trail.
Us out in one of the open areas. The trail was a little muddy, but not too bad.
Last but not least, the fall!

Valentine's Day

We started out our Valentine's Day at the farmer's market. Had some yummy freshly popped kettle corn on the left and fried green tomatoes on the right (thank you South Carolina).
After breakfast at Duke's, we headed to Waikiki Beach for some fun in the sun.
My Blossom imitation. One of my finer moments.
Love my new yellow sun hat!Went for a day time booze cruise. Turned out to be rough waters. We were soaked and had to hang on. If you've seen The Perfect Storm it was something like that.
After our wild ride we went surfing in an outrigger canoe. It was a blast one of my favorite things I've done on the island. Lauren's hot Valentine's date, Mario! Lauren and Alyson waiting for our Valentine's dinner date. Yummy Italian food.

Sister's Day at the North Shore

First stop: Dole Plantation. We enjoyed some pineapple ice cream and took pictures of baby pineapples! Lunch time stop at a famous North Shore shrimp truck. I had spicy and Alyson had scampi. It was pretty spicy and I do spicy!
After lunch we made a stop to see if Winnie was ready to go home. See the previous post about Winnie being sick.
That's Steve-O on the left showing us what's still wrong with the wagon and what's going to break next. Boo :(
After we sent Lauren home with Winnie, we made a stop at Turtle Beach and were lucky enough to have a few turtles up on the beach. A first for me! This is a young male and he looks just like the turtles in Finding Nemo.
Afternoon treat at Matsumoto's Hawaiian Shaved Ice. I believe Alyson had melon and ??? The ice cream under the ice is amazing.
Happy Valentine's Day (one day early)! The sign says: Aloha means love.
On our way home we found the Barney's Outlet store. A must on any sister visit. Gotta get my use of her discount when I can! Caused a little damage there and then we headed home.

Couture and Cruises

As we all know, Alyson has an eye for fashion. Here she is picking out her Hawaiian dress for a luau later that night at your local Honolulu Sears. Doesn't she look lovely!
Took a cruise on Tantalus. Diamond Head is in the background with Waikiki to the right.
A tropical drink before the booze cruise! Me watching for our boat to come to shore. Time for a little boozin' and a little cruisin'.If anythings gonna happen, it's gonna happen out there! A little after cruisin' drink at the Mai Tai Bar outside the Royal Hawaiian.


Diamond Head with the Girls

Lauren and I took Alyson, Candice and Michelle to hike Diamond Head. Another beautiful day in Hawaii. Waikiki is in the background. You have to climb in and out of a bunker at the top, requires a squat and waddle maneuver. That's Lauren and I getting ready to head back down.
This one is for Mom! Look at your little girls all grown up. Did you know you had one brown child and one white?

Alyson Comes to Hawaii

My sister, Alyson, came for a Hawaii vacation from New York.
Had to show her a proper Hawaii welcome with her very own lei. It smelled so good!
Self portrait of sister in our apartment. Went to Duke's on Sunday to hang out by the beach and see the sunset.
Still enjoying her lei at Duke's on Sunday.

Pro Bowl

While Candice and Michelle were here visiting, we made a trip to Aloha Stadium for the Pro Bowl. I enjoyed a little tailgating before Alyson's arrival.
Classic picture of Lauren and I partaking in the food table. I choose to pull up a chair and stay awhile. Pulled my chair away from the table and enjoying the shade of Jeff. The whole group! Are we great at arranging ourselves for a group picture or what! Can you see Winnie in the picture? She's got her tail end open for the tailgate to the far left! The girls of Delaware taught my how to play flip cup! And then it was off to get sister.

Candice & Michelle

Lauren's friends Candice and Michelle came out to visit. Here are a few pictures from their visit.
We got a nice group together for a day time booze cruise. From left to right: Shelly, Natalie, Lauren, Candice, Michelle, ME and front row Jackie and Val. We made Michelle take a picture with the life jacket because we were told only adults didn't have to wear them. FYI: Michelle is very short.
Night out on the town with Lauren and Candice.
Look how cute I am holding our purchases!
This one with Michelle! We had a great time. Loving all of Lauren's friends and can't wait for them to show me around Delaware this summer!


Winnie Is Sick

Winnie got sick on the North Shore today. Lauren and her friends took her for a day trip and she did not make it back to Waikiki. Lucky for Lauren, she broke down at a full service gas station. She has a faulty alternator that's draining our battery. So in the mean time we get to drive a luxury compact rental car, meaning power steering and functioning door handles. I'll be sure to let you know when Winnie is feeling better and back home. I'll be sure to post pictures later...yes that's right. Lauren was sure to document this adventure by photo essay, including the hour and forty-five minute bus ride home!

Laure and Candace with our mechanic, Steve-O.