Lynsey Day 4=The Big Apple & Corned Beef

Double Decker Bus Day!
This has also been on the top of my list for some time.
Another hot sunny day. Roomies on the bus!
The street lights were just above our heads.
We took a tour of lower Manhattan.
Macy's on the left and Empire State Building center.
Sites in the city.
Flat Iron Building
St. Paul's Chapel
Financial District
United Nations
Trump World Tower
The Plaza
Me boiling in direct sunlight by Central Park.
It's lunch time. Get off the bus! We had lunch at the famous Carnegie Deli.
Lauren tried the pastrami and I had corned beef. That's just one half of the sandwich and that's all I could eat. What an experience.
Empire State Building
View from the top.
Time for a boat ride. Everyone loves a boat ride.
We took a free ride on the State Island Ferry where we got a nice view of the Statue of Liberty. We got off the ferry in State Island and then got on another to return to the city.
This is a picture of the ferry.
After this last busy day of the itinerary we went home for "Take-Out/Hang-Out" night.
SO much fun and SO much checked off our list.

Lynsey Day 3=Central Park & Time Square

Sunday Brunch at Sarabeth's!
It's a hot today! Entered Central Park at Strawberry Fields and made our way over to the fountain.
Bethesda Fountain
We finally did row boats. This has been on my New York list of things to do since Day #1. Just waiting for a nice warm day.
After much debate, team boat captains were picked and the girls were divided up into 2 boats.
Lynsey and I in one boat and the San Diego girls in the other.
Of course I did all the hard work. It took me a second to get the hang of it, but then we were moving! I headed off to a romantic spot under a bridge and serenaded Lynsey with a little Mexican ditty.
Lauren started rowing in the other boat, but Taya quickly took over. It was hot enough that we were thinking of a taking a little dip. Just kidding! Towards the end of our hour of rowing, we did get caught in a little rain shower, but it felt good!
That evening we headed down to Time Square for our theatre show: Billy Elliot. It was excellent!
After a few touristy photos in the heart of Time Square we went out for Mexican food where we had our second celebrity sighting. Just a few tables away was Jesse Tyler Ferguson who plays Mitchell on Modern Family.

Lynsey Day 2=Brooklyn

This way to the Brooklyn Bridge!
We walked from New York to Brooklyn.
We were lucky to have a clear, warm, gorgeous day!
Manhattan Bridge behind us.
Taya showing Nisha and Lynsey sights from the bridge.
NYC in the background.
We finally made it!
After the bridge we headed over to Grimaldi's for a famous pizza pie. This is the line we had to wait it.
The total wait time was about 1 hour and 20 minutes, but it was worth it. I thought it was really good. We were very happy to be waiting in the shade during this photo.
So happy to get up to the door and finally see the sign because I knew lunch was close at hand.
There she is! We had one pepperoni and one cheese. I would recommend extra sauce because that was my favorite part of the pizza!
View under the Brooklyn Bridge looking up from the Brooklyn side.
Later that night we cleaned up and had a drink at The Campbell Apartment. Many thanks to my sister for introducing me to this bar.
Prohibition Punch all around! After a quick drink we laughed the night away at a comedy show. We were even lucky enough to see John Mayer in the audience with us! First celebrity sighting of the weekend.

Lynsey Day 1=Sex & Happy Hour

Lynsey and Nisha came for a long weekend visit. Of course we had a packed schedule for them.
We started off with an ice breaker!
The Museum of Sex
Many of wonderful exhibits. This is Lynsey with a quilt of condoms. My favorite was the celebrity sex videos, I just couldn't stop watching. Lots of funny pictures, but not appropriate for the family friendly blog.
Afterwards we went downtown to the financial district for happy hour, dinner and more drinks.
Too many drinks!
Lynsey made a new friend and I stole his glasses for a photo shoot. He was in love!
After a long day without sleeping after work. I could stay awake no longer. Took a little nap on the subway on the way home.
After a little recharge I made friends with the guy sitting next to me. He was so kind as to loan me his hat for a few photos. Day 1 complete.