Happy Late Thanksgiving!

Lauren had to work Thanksgiving night, so we had out Thanksgiving dinner a day late. We had turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing and corn.I cooked my very first turkey, "Tom", all by myself. Not having a completely stocked kitchen we did use a syringe to baste our turkey. It turned out so nicely, that's why I'm glowing in the picture above. I was very proud of myself. I cooked and Lauren ate! Just kidding she set the table and made a wonderful cranberry sauce that we both enjoyed! Even though I think it was the canned variety, she made a nice presentation.
There was apple pie for Lauren and french silk pie for me. After we ate, we decorated our apartment for Christmas. This included putting up and trimming our little Christmas tree. We sang and had a jolly time. Who needs the rest of the family when I have Lauren! She's a great substitute.
Happy Holidays!
Mele Kalikimaka!


Surf's Up at Diamond Head!

This past Tuesday the surf was up at Diamond Head! We took a surf lesson with some of our new friends. From left to right, Lauren, Me, Jackie, and Valerie. We are all nurses in the ICU at Tripler who have never surfed before...and I can even say now that I haven't really surfed. The story continues...
We had two instructors and six in the class. Don't we look so studious sitting in the sand. You might be asking yourself...if everyone in the picture was surfing then who was the photographer. Valerie's boyfriend, Jeff, who also works with us came along to watch. Nothing like having an audience when you are trying out something new! Thanks for the pictures Jeff!
After the verbal instuction, we had some time to practice on shore. Although it is a picture straight down my swimsuit, it is of me trying to "just pop up" after I've caught that killer wave. Easier said than done and way easier on land.
My favorite picture! Everyone is excited, grabs their board and makes a run for the water. Watch out for the rocks! At this point I really have no idea what I am in for.
After we have the picturesque run into the water, we paddle our little hearts out pretty far into the water, out where the waves are. Sounds easy, but this was one of the most strenous activities I have done in a long time. First, let me say that the wind was blowing about 15 miles per hour from the left side of the picture to the right. And we are supposed to paddle between the waves to the left; the wind makes this difficult. The wind also makes the water very choppy and rough. The picture above is of someone who must be on at least day 2 of surfing because they are actually up on their feet. Wanted to add this picture so you can see how rough the water was that day.
After multipe attempts of paddling around in the water, continually being knocked off my surf board...we headed in. I think everyone did this pose as they made it back to shore. Proud to say I was fourth out of six to give up and come back to shore. The day was consumed with 90% paddling and 10% surfing. My arms were so tired from just paddling out the first time that I could not even get myself up off the board to a knee let alone standing. I felt like a fat kid trying to haul myself up on the side of the pool everytime I fell off my board versus the times I felt like a fish out of water because it was hard to keep my board steady. Definitely had times where I pulled myself up on the board only to fall off the other side. I have been sore for days and we all have multipe injuries. I have a goose egg on my noggin from my board shooting in the air and landing on my head while I am being tossed around in the water. Lauren wins the award for most likely to be a surf girl...she actually got up on her knees, where I just rode a few waves while laying on my board. It was a rough day, but we will try again cause it should only get easier (so they say).


Snorkel Monday at Hanauma Bay

We went with several friends this afternoon to Hanauma Bay for some sun and snorkeling. The Bay is a nature preserve with lots of coral and fish. You can see the coral reef in the picture below...it is where you see the darker areas in the water.


Scuba Steve

Lauren and I went with another nurse from Tripler for a little beginner's scuba diving. None of us had done it before. Lauren was a little hesitant and did a little scuba at the surface and then opted for snorkeling while I explored the bottom of the ocean. We made two dives off of Waikiki. The first was by far better; saw lots of fish and several sea turtles, just like in "Finding Nemo". Some were swimming around and others resting on the ocean floor. Neat experience. Diamond Head is in the background of the above picture. Here's a few pictures of me in my sexy scuba gear. Please note the poses. The buildings in the background are of Waikiki.
There is the heavy tank I had to tote around. I think my weight belt was a little too heavy. I kept finding myself on the ocean floor. I cut up one of my knees on the coral. I feel like a little kid with the scabs on my knee.


The Grill Master

After driving all over O'ahu from the North Shore to Diamond Head...we needed some refreshments. Lauren and I treated Dad to dinner out in Waikiki. Dad just can't stay away from those Mai Tais.
I thought the umbrellas were a nice touch. The restaurant was open air and opened up to the beach. They had cameras outside showing the beach and whoever was out there that then displayed on TVs inside the restaurant.
We ate at the Shore Bird where you get to cook your own meat on a big open grill. The people next to us were getting a little crazy with the garlic...there was a lot of smoke. The smoke made the pictures a little less bright. Above I'm seasoning our steaks. That's me putting our shrimp kabobs on the grill. Dad appears to be giving some advice. Dad and Lauren wanted a little help with the grill. Therefore I named myself "The Grill Master"! Look how much fun I'm having! We all know how I like to cook.
We all had a yummy dinner and of course all of our food was cooked just to our liking. No complaints were heard by The Grill Master!

North Shore

Took a day trip up to the North Shore of Oahu. Dad wanted to take a look at the waves that can reach their biggest during the winter.
The sand was very coarse and you sink down pretty far in the sand. We stayed and watched for awhile. A few surfers were out, but there was a multitude of people out on body boards surfing the waves. We even saw one fool body surfing. I don't think you'll catch Lauren or I doing that.
It was also very windy...helps make the waves big. That's why my hair is in my face.
Dad and the waves. The water and waves are very hypnotic...I could sit, watch, and listen to the waves all afternoon, but you won't catch me in the water on the north side! I have to work my way up to those bad boys.Roomies on the north shore. Look at the color of that water!
Doesn't that look like a postcard??? I took that out the car window. Is that paradise or what? We had lunch on that side of the island. We had a herd of chickens running around while we ate. Not the highlight of Lauren's luncheon. We walked around some little beach shops and took our picture in the Hawaiian Shaved Ice board.


Booze Cruise

Surf's up! Here's Dad at a bike rack made for surf boards. You just lock up your board and then grab a drink at the bar. We stopped for a mai tai before getting on the boat cruise.
Our booze cruise was on a yellow and red catamaran. You had to jump a wave to get on the boat. We departed from Waikiki Beach and cruised around in that area. Saw lots of sailboats and surfers. Beautiful view of Diamond Head from the boat.

Dad with Mai tai in hand and Diamond Head in the background.

This was taken on the boat after the sun set. They played fun music and there was an open bar...all the mai tai punch and champagne you can drink! I am positive we will be on this cruise again! We had a blast!


Rainbows & Such

Took this picture out my bedroom window. I guess there is a reason rainbows are on the Hawaii license plates...we see them all the time! Look how cute we are! We are anticipating Papa Scholz's arrival to Honolulu for the weekend. Lots of fun planned for him!


Happy Halloween from the Peas!

Lauren came up with some impromtu costumes for us. I was a black eyed pea! So was she. Our new friends from the hospital now refer to us as the peas. We handed out candy to the little ones early in the evening and then we went out with the big kids. Some of my favorite costumes were someone dressed as the end of a toilet paper roll, a box of Franzia wine, and Terri Shivo (they had a hospital gown on with a plug over the shoulder). By the end of the night...people on the street were calling Lauren and I "P, P" as we walked next to each other. We had a great time!

Kailua Beach

We took Winnie out for an exploration. We headed to the Windward side of Oahu. This is on the opposite side of the island from us, about 15 to 20 miles up over a mountain.We were blown away by how beautiful it was. Much nicer looking than Waikiki Beach. The water is cool. The sun and breeze were perfect. We were only missing the cabana boy with our drinks. He must not work on Sundays.
You can rent kayaks and go out to the little islands off shore as in the picture above. We will definitely be coming back to this beach and bringing visitors here now that we know Winnie can make it here and back (on a good day)!
After enjoying the afternoon on the beach. We headed into Kailua and found Maui Tacos. First let me say that we go through a bag of tortilla chips a week. I eat salsa on a regular basis. Maui Tacos has amazing salsa made daily and great chips. I can get a Mexican food fix in Hawaii! I'm a happy girl!