Last Night on the Town

Last big night out on the town. We started off with drinks with Boots and Saddle at Tipsy Parson. I love a Southern cocktail.
After eating yummy pizza...Lauren walked out with a water carafe/vase. (I think Sarah's lifting skills must have rubbed off on Lauren.)
Which quickly became the beer carafe.
Just a little size comparison so you know what I'm talking about.
Everyone in the bar loved our large drink of beer. Random strangers would pay to fill it up so they could watch us pass it around. What a send off from New York!


Time to cash in on my birthday gift from Lauren! GAGA tickets in NYC!
Tell ALEJANDRO that I LIKE IT ROUGH and might be STARSTRUCK tonight because Lauren paid a lot of MONEY HONEY to see a BAD ROMANCE!
Sister seems to have spotted Lady Gaga! Get the camera! Oh wait, just a look alike.
Lauren and Alyson made me take shots. Let me tell you how I really feel (check my facial expression).
SO much fun with all the little monsters! Great show!


Happy 4th of July

My sister and I took a train ride (I always love a train ride) to Long Beach in New York.
Here we are on the boardwalk before heading back to the city.
Beautiful sunset before the fireworks. The weather couldn't have been more perfect.
Happy sisters! We had a great spot on the lawn until the fireworks started and we couldn't see around the trees.
We stood right along the Hudson River watching the fireworks.
Italian food for dinner!
We were walking from dinner to dessert and I saw a crumpled bill of money laying in the cross walk. I picked it up thinking it was just $1...to my happy surprise it was $20.
So we used it to buy yummy expensive ice cream!