Christmas x 2

Putting up the Christmas tree at my house on Thanksgiving weekend. Elsie was very excited with all the decorations. First Christmas of the season at Mom and Dad's in Plano. Elsie opening her present on Christmas morning. Elsie eyeing the ribbons and bows. She's a troublemaker! It's like looking in a mirror. Cheers to Christmas with morning mimosas. Later that day, Alyson found herself picking a bottle in the Scholz wine cellar. Cooking Christmas dinner in my new apron. Thanks Mom! Christmas #2 in Austin. The whole family sitting at Dirty's counter waiting on our burgers. My maternal grandfather used to get burgers here. Snug as a bug in a rug. Mom, Dad and Alyson stayed at my house.
We had our traditional roast beef and Yorkshire pudding Christmas dinner with the whole family later that day. Waiting for the rest of the family to show up at Magnolia's for a good-bye breakfast. They made me sit by myself at the end of the table.


Mr. Turkey

Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner family photo shoot.
Sol, Maya and Ross
We are ready for our milk punch!
Bring on the buffet!
Maya and one of the famous white peacocks.

Fall 2010

State Fair of Texas 2010 in Dallas.
Mom, Dad, Gale and I all went together.
Big Tex. Mom was in the last few weeks of wheelchair-dom. Gotta love that handicapped parking!
Fletcher's Corn Dog. A must! I tried to dress him up with a smiley face, but it was a little sloppy. Please note that I'm wearing my Texas State Fair t-shirt from 2009. I'm very proud.
Dog Show. Yes, we are sitting that close. Mom, she didn't like that wheelchair, but I sure did. Prime seating with a guest (that's me!).
Elsie's namesake.
Dad and I went to the ACLS playoff Game 1. I packed away the Phillies shirt and got myself a new Rangers shirt. Get your ANTLERS up!
Great seats! (Even without the wheelchair.)
NASCAR weekend with the girls. Waiting for the McKinney crew to make their appearance. We found a way to keep ourselves occupied.
Mt. Bonnell with Pops.
Lots of UT football games (thank you wheelchair).
Thanksgiving game with Sister. Day started at 70 degrees and dropped to 30s in the matter of an hour.