House Party!

Megan has made the blog! That's for you Kathryn. We had a house party last night and Ryan's teammates all came over. I tried my first sip of moonshine and we grilled out. Never mind all the spots on my shirt...I was having a good time! Looks like Megan was having a good time too! She must have gotten into the moonshine as well! A good time was had by all. When everyone left at the end of the night...that's when the real party started! All that homemade North Carolina boos will make you do some pretty crazy things! I love me a few country boys with a tall glass of apple pie!


Family Visit

I had a chance this past week to go visit with my aunt, uncle, and cousin in Greensboro NC. Ben is going to school at UNC Greensboro studying mechanical engineering. We had a great visit with lots of catching up. Hopefully Ben will make the trip to come down and hang with me in Charlotte before I leave!


Kendall's Valentine Celebration

Kendall (Ryan's daughter) got to have a Valentine's Celebration early! Allison and Ryan are both out of town for work on Valentine's Day. They will be in Daytona FL. I wanted to post some pictures of her so everyone can have a face with the name!

Buster's Birthday

Here are some pictures of one of my roomies! His name is Buster and he had his 5th birthday yesterday. He likes long walks and will occasionally go on a jog with me. He is my pet substitute for Elsie right now. He's a sweet dog, but I still haven't warmed up to doggie kisses yet.


Biltmore Mansion

Allison took me to see the Biltmore Mansion in Ashville NC. This is the mansion built by a member of the Vanderbilt family at the end of the 1800s. It had running water and electricity which is pretty remarkable for that time. On a more fun note is has one of the oldest bowling alleys and an indoor pool! The existing family still celebrates Christmas in the mansion. The grounds were very pretty and reminded me of Tennessee a lot. Probably because its in the Appalachian Mountains. We had lunch in the stables (it's been converted to a restuarant). It was a fun day trip!

Visit to Phoenix

The last weekend in January I made a trip back to Phoenix. I stayed with my friend Lauren who is still working there and we made the most of our time. We met up with a friend of hers (see picture below). Lots of catching up, lots of missing Phoenix, too many shots, and not enough sleep! I had a great time. She pretty much has me talked into going to Hawaii with her in April. So stay posted for updates on those plans.