DE May Be The First State, But It's The Last Of My Travels

Amy's 30! I left NYC to one last weekend with my Lauren in Delaware.
Your welcome for the great koozie saying!
Taya and I jumped on the Double Happiness Bus by Macy's and made our way to the Dewey Beach.
Beach house that sleeps 8, now sleeping 10. Luckily the air mattress fit snuggly between two twin beds. Loving my braided hair, thanks to Candice.
Here's most of the crew before heading out on the first night.
Chris Jette, always have to keep an eye on him. Trouble with a capital T. I don't want to say I told you so, but I told you so.
Day 2: My first Jam Session. Apparently sunglasses are the key accessory at this event.
Hawaii buddies.
Good time had by all!
That's me stealing accessories from other patrons.
Day 3: 5 Hour Energy=A Must!
I'm a believer!
Sunday Funday at The Starboard
Somebody doesn't like being in timeout.
MARGE! Haven't seen her since Hawaii. What a great surprise!
3 days of Dewey might be a little much for my first time.
Good-bye Delaware girls! Until we meet again. I'll miss you all, especially my pea.

4003 Maplewood Avenue

My new home in Austin! I've moved back to Austin after many years to pursue a Master's degree to become a Family Nurse Practitioner at The University of Texas.
I have my mom and Aunt Gale to thank for my new place. They picked it out for me while I was on assignment in New York City. The above photo is a before picture of the living room.
My bedroom, before. There are two bedrooms and one bath.
Living room, after.
Dining room.
My bedroom.
Home Sweet Home for the next 2 years.
Visitors welcome.

Checking NYC Food Off My List

Cheesecake at Junior's in Grand Central Station with Sister. My advice: don't bother with the burger, just get the cheesecake.
K-Town or Korea town with Sarah, Alyson and friends.
A first for me. I tried everything, weird condiments and all.
Cooking right on the table.
Before picture. I think the broccoli adds a nice touch.
The whole Korean spread! A must repeat.
Last night out in sister's hood. It was Bastille Day, that's why I'm having my photo with the French flags.
Dinner at Pastis. Now I feel hip and with it. Another celebrity siting during dinner, Zoe Saldana from Center Stage. Note to self, I do not like cocktails with Pastis. Ick! Sambuca, yes please. Pastis is yuckies (make sure you put the same accent on yucky as on Pastis, it's funnier that way).