Frank Lloyd Wright & Taliesin West

I have always been a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright since I learned about him in grade school. I had the opportunity this weekend to take a tour of Taliesin West here in Scottsdale AZ. This is his winter camp of his architecture school which is still mentoring students 75 years later. It was a beautiful day to take a walking tour and learn about such an interesting person. The above picture is looking at the studio that still has drawing tables that Mr. Wright used himself. It is a working studio with computers for the common day practice of architecture, but all students are still required to draw by hand.
This is the entrance into the community living room. A classic embrace and release entryway of Mr. Wright's, which includes a low dark entryway that transitions into a open multi-purpose space.
A view of some of the seating in the living room. The lighting is all natural and the panels were originally canvas and there was no glass used...so all the structures at the camp were open. The students and faculty stay in AZ in the winter months and go to WI for the summer months where there is the original camp simply named Taliesin. We even got to see the students and faculty at lunch in the dinning room. I highly recommend a tour for anyone who visits the area!


Race Weekend

Allison (and Ryan) came to town this past weekend for the races in Phoenix. So I got to play with her for several days! She brought in tow with her the team for the #16 car. These characters supplied endless entertainment; including rubber snakes, water guns, nicknames and stealing alcoholic beverage mementos. Even got to see the whole crew in action during the race sitting at their pit stall. Needless to say I had a blast! I miss my friend and am seriously trying to go to North Carolina for my next assignment. Keep your fingers crossed!


Desserts with Ellyn

I made my first Key Lime Pie (frozen). And yes that is homemade whipped cream. And yes I did that by hand as I have no mixer with me. I also made Lemon Bars, but I already ate some...so there is no pretty pictures. I love Ina!