The Count Down Begins

We had a nice dinner with some co-workers from the MICU the other night. Don't we make a cute couple!
It still hasn't quite set in that we're actually going to be in Hawaii in just a few weeks. Want to give a big shout out to Steve, our recruiter, for making this happen so quickly and smoothly. You're the best!
For everyone else who has been following the blog since we came to South Carolina, Steve assures us that we will have the best TV stand available on Oahu! We can't wait to make the transition from Southern Belles to Surfer Girls!


The Aloha State

Bring out the leis and grass skirts...Lauren and I are heading to Hawaii! We are contracted to work at Tripler Army Medical Center in the Medical/Surgical ICU which is in Honolulu. We don't know exactly where we are living yet...it's between an apartment in Waikiki, Salt Lake, or Pearl City. If anyone has any input, let me know. We will be out there October 20th until the beginning of April. We are looking forward to have visitors all Winter!


Alyson to Charleston Part 2

Alyson was able to come back to Charleston for an impromptu weekend visit. We only had 48 hours to get everything in. First stop on her list was a big nasty from Hominy Grill. You gotta love the deep south; biscuits, gravy and fried chicken! The weather was a bit overcast the whole weekend...so beach time was out. We saved up our energy for a night out on the town. Here's Sister getting ready...she enjoyed a little sweet tea vodka before we headed out.
Of course we had a wonderful meal at Mercato. Super yummy Italian food. They had fun music playing and delicious Espresso Martinis. MOM: You would have loved the martini!
After we stuffed our bellies we headed out for daiquiris and dancing. We rocked the dance floor at Wet Willies! Alyson is paused on the dance floor in this picture.
After brunch the next morning...we just strolled through Charleston hitting the market, one of the waterfront parks and wandering through the charming downtown neighborhoods of Charleston.
Even though we couldn't spend the day at the beach. We still went and took a little walk. Showed her Washout Beach where the surfers like to hang ten. We found an amazing shark tooth on the beach. It was huge! Made Alyson a little worried that there was an animal with teeth that big in the water...but I pointed out that he was at least one tooth short of a full set.
One last southern dinner Sunday night including fried green tomatoes and grits, sweet tea and fried chicken with greens. We logged lots of good sister time before her 6am flight Monday morning. Nothing like a Scholz sister! Love you sister, so glad you were able to come one last time!

Allison & Ryan's Wedding

Ryan & Allison got married September 8th.Both of their families and a few friends headed to Destin FL. The weather was perfect even though Ike was lurking in the Gulf of Mexico. Lots of time was spent at the beach and the pool. That's Mimi (Patty), Ryan's mom, and myself in the pool.
Longhorn bag for me. The perks of being the only bridesmaid!
Allison, Stephanie, and myself at the rehearsal dinner.
Getting ready before the ceremony. Mimi doing Allison's hair. I'm running around making sure everyone's outfit is ready to go.
Yummy cake with our bouquets on the table.
Me and Allison
Went back to the condo for night pictures on the beach after the reception. Bobby and I lounging by the pool while waiting for the bride and groom.
The happy couple!

Jennifer Comes to Charleston

Lauren's sister, Jennifer who lives in St. Thomas, came to visit us in Charleston. She is a chef down in the islands...so I was excited to spend time with her. Had cocktail hour at a rooftop bar. We took Jennifer to one of our favorite seafood restaurants. She was impressed! I was excited to have a third person so we could get a seafood tower! Yummy!
Jennifer picked out a wonderful wine and dinner was wonderful as usual.
Me and my fabulous roommate! Headed out for a night on the town after dinner. Lots of Hurricane Parties to go to.
The Litwin's know how to have a good time!
Look at those crazy girls!


Allison's Last Single Night

At the end of August I went to Charlotte to partake in Allison's last night out as a single lady. We had a great turn out! We started with sushi and then went where the night took us. My one goal was to make sure Allison had a good time. So we started with a giant shot out of a giant martini glass. I think it did the trick!
I don't think she remembers taking this picture. Have another drink Allison!
A good time was had by all (even if we don't remember the whole night)! Mission accomplished! Love you Allison!


Jacob's Wedding in San Antonio

One of our family friends, Jacob Mercer, got married on Labor day weekend. Turned out to be the perfect opportunity for the whole family to get together and reunite with some old friends. Mom and her friends. Third from the left, the groom's mother. My sister and I with Sarah, the groom's sister and also a bridesmaid.
Dad and his girls!
Another shot of Mom and three of her five friends (inside joke)!
Lots of fun had by all!

Ghost Tour

Lauren and I had a few more touristy things to do on our list and no tourists to do it with....so in the middle of August we decided to go on a ghost tour. We took a walking tour at night, where we stopped around the city hearing ghost stories. The skeleton pirate above was our guide. Don't worry, no spirits followed us home. We decided that since we had no friends or family visiting, that we should dress up as tourists for our tour. I think I did a pretty good job. Please note the white sneakers, brings the whole look together.