Megan Visits Charleston

Megan made a trip to Charleston. We did our best to show her the highlights. Spent a day at the beach, a little comedy and ate some yummy food. And of course we showed her the night life! Thanks for coming to visit Megan!


Goodbye Liz

We had Liz and Sophie over for Taco Night. Lauren can't wait for her Sampson to come visit us. We capped off the goodbye dinner with strawberries and ice cream. MOM: Can you see the 4th of July decorations in our ice cream? Bye Liz!

Gregory Got Hitched

Alyson Gregory got married at the end of June. Gave me a great excuse to make a trip back to Texas. Had a chance to catch up with all my girls. All of us back together! Miss you ladies.

Daran's 30th Birthday

Daran turned the big 3-0! Daran is a fellow travel nurse that worked in the MICU with Lauren and I. He has since returned to Canada, his native country, to get his MBA and leave the wonderful world of nursing. The pre-party crew. From left to right: Lauren, Daran, Leah, ME, and Tiffany. My sister took the picture. We had a fiesta for dinner. Daran was graced with the birthday sombrero, which we felt the need to pass around the table. Bring me another margarita!
The happy couple!
Finished the night off downtown, celebrating with the birthday boy...doing what we do best! It was a great birthday. We miss Daran and Leah so much! Best wishes in Canada!

Sister Came to Town

Happy Birthday Alyson!
Alyson came to visit at the end of June. I tried my hardest to show her the best of Charleston. We are at Hominy Grill in the picture above where Alyson fell in love with the "Big Nasty", the ultimate chicken biscuit. Made a visit to the only Tea Plantation in America. We toured the factory, drank tea, and had a personal tour of the plantation on a trolley. That's me climbing aboard the trolley! We had an excellent Italian dinner. Then needed to hurry to the improv show...so we jumped on a rickshaw (bike taxi) and flew down the street. Lots of laughs were had. Next night we planned for a seafood dinner at a favorite place of Lauren and I, Hank's. Then we took Alyson to the Pavilion, rooftop, bar for some night time views of the city. Explored a new beach upon Alyson's wishes. Spent an afternoon at Kiawah Beach. We had a little trouble finding the beach, but once we were pointed in the right direction...we had a nice day. A nice big flat beach with lots of natural surroundings and few people. Ali want another beer...but short on cash. One last night on the town. We went to a birthday celebration for my friend Daran. Alyson got to meet some of our work friends. We had some great fun! (Posting coming soon for the birthday celebration.) We had a late lunch at Fast and French before Alyson left. Lots of yummy food in Charleston. Ran Alyson to the airport that evening...where she sat on the plane for hours and never left the ground. Meanwhile I moved from our apartment to our new townhouse by myself. Then I get a call that Alyson would be spending one more night in Charleston. So Alyson got to be our first guest in our new downtown home.


My Apologies

I would like to offer my deepest apologies for not updating the blog. I have had several complaints for not posting anything new. I am just having too much fun on my days off! I'd like to throw out an early shout out to my sister! Happy Early Birthday! Only one more day in your mid-twenties! Enjoy it!