My Birthday Night

Birthday Dinner at Japanese Steak House Nothing like dinner and a show! Gotta love flying shrimp tails and onion volcanoes!
Cantaloupe birthday dessert.
Now that's more like it!
Cheers to me!
Mike owed me an Irish Car Bomb from his birthday. I made him take three. First one of the night for me.
The whole group at Irish Rose.
Me and Dan.
Looks like I'm having a good time.
Found ourselves at Kelley's by the end of the night.
Lauren, Natalie's sister Emily, Natalie, and me
Jeff and his fan club.
Thanks everyone both near and far for a wonderful Hawaiian birthday!

Happy 29!

I started my birthday off with a cream filled malasada...hot and fresh from the bakery. Yummy!
Birthday display. Flowers on the left from the Beckers and on the right from Mom & Dad. Champagne for Mimosas, Lemon Cake, Giant Funfetti Cupcake and box of Malasadas.
Cinnamon sugar malasadas for everyone else.
Little taste of cupcake before heading to the beach.
Soaking up a little sun in Waikiki before starting the fun!
Birthday booze cruise!
Me and Lauren and Diamond Head. It was a perfect day!
Booze cruise party! Natalie and her sister & boyfriend, me, Lauren, Val, and Kellyn.
I had the pleasure of demonstrating the life vest for everyone on the booze cruise.
Don't spill my beer!
They caught a tuna on our sail. I can't say I've ever seen a yellow fin tuna up close.
Roomies taking a swim off of Waikiki.
Birthday Girl getting in the water!
Riding in the net.
Shelley and Jackie stopping by for a birthday wish! Thanks girls!

Kellyn Comes to Hawaii

Kellyn made it to Hawaii with her Kleenex box in tow. We happened upon this scene Kellyn's first evening as we headed to the beach for sunset.
Waterfall at Hilton Hawaiian Village.
Photo shoot with Diamond Head in the background.
Kellyn's turn.
Kellyn's on vacation! Mai tais and pina coladas all around. So tasty!

Easter 2009

We dyed Easter eggs! We particularly enjoyed the wax crayon. UT egg is in the middle with a U of D egg to the left. Just a Blue Hen and a Longhorn or P1 and P2, whichever you prefer.

Waimea Falls

Waimea Falls is on the North Shore. I took a little day trip up with Lauren and Valerie. We were told you can swim in the fall and the pool is 15 ft. deep. Of course it rained the night before making the fall nice and full also meaning we weren't allowed to go swimming.
So the lifeguard was kind enough to take our picture.
Lauren dipped her toe in and reported the water was COLD!
We'll have to try swimming at the falls some other time.
The short hike/walk to the falls is in a botanical garden. There were several peacocks around and we were lucky enough to have one put its tail feathers up right in front of us.
Went down to Pipeline to catch some sun and watch the surfers. We were lucky enough to see Heather Brown, a North Shore artist we like. Valerie is a huge fan...that's who's in the picture with Heather. The art in the background is hers. Lauren was happy to play with Heather's bulldog.

Goodbye Ben! Hello Maddog's!

A sad day in Honolulu...our friend Ben is leaving us for Charleston. Oh wait...I'm jealous! Take me with you! Valerie, Me, Lauren Ben is in the Navy and going to Nuclear School in Charleston.
Ellyn sad.
We spent the night out in Waikiki in Ben's honor trying to keep up with the sailor.
He introduced us to a new bar. We had a blast dancing the night away!
Ben's last Duke's on Sunday with his Hawaii travel nurses.
It's not a question of if but when will Lauren and I visit! Cheers to you Ben and your 20 questions!

Last Day in Australia

We took another early morning flight (and when I say early I mean the taxi picked us up at 4:30 AM) back to Sydney where we spent the day before heading back to Hawaii. We made a stop at the Sydney Aquarium. This is what the shark looked like that I saw while snorkeling. Just kidding! Manatee, Lauren, Ellyn, Mermaid They had these neat exhibits where you could walk through large tanks. That's me with a huge sting ray swimming by.
Me touching a pretty blue star fish.
Last photo in Sydney. It's us in front of Eric's cab. Best "holiday" ever!
"No worries" we'll be back!