Go Navy! Beat Army!

We made a trip to Philadelphia for the Army vs. Navy game. We made big plans to reunite with several of our friends from Hawaii
Reunion Car Bombs with Chris and Mike, our air force buddies. Love these guys! Small staircase to nowhere in the women's bathroom. Who knew you could have this much fun in the bathroom! We started an Eagles pint glass collection.
"Can I help you with your luggage?"
Army Navy Game!
Navel Cadets walking into the stadium. They all stand in half of the horseshoe and the Army Cadets stand on the other side.
Tailgate in 30 degree weather! Your beer never gets warm!
The Hawaii crew:
Chris, me, Ben, Laura, Lauren, Mike
The original Lady Gaga fan club!
The Navy parachuting to the field.
Navy standing to the left. Army standing to the right.
It was such an amazing atmosphere!
Good seats, great view! Where's that goat?
Hand and feet warmers were essential and saved the day!
SO not Duke's! I think this was the first time I saw Chris with closed toed shoes on.
Sleeping bag coats!
Navy pulled out a victory and we were whipped. This picture of Chris says it all. It was amazing to see a bunch of our Hawaii friends. I think the next reunion should be back in Hawaii! Who's with me?


Thanksgiving in Delaware

I went home with Lauren to Delaware for Thanksgiving. She was nice enough to share her family with me for the holiday. We had a great big Thanksgiving with her sister-in-laws family. Lots of turkey and lots of New York wine!
On Thanksgiving Eve we spent the evening with 7 of Lauren's closest friends in DE. We started the evening out by taking a tour of Candice's new house. We celebrated with a few bottles of champagne!
Then we all headed out to celebrate the pilgrims and the indians coming together! We had a blast! I really like those people in Delaware...too bad it gets cold there in the winter.