Garden Week 4

I wrestled cages onto my tomato plants this week. I'm assuming it would be much easier if either the plants were smaller or I had some assistance. Such is my luck as a lonesome beginner gardner.
Another garden event this week...there was a big thunderstorm that produced hail. I came to my plants rescue and pulled them under cover (after getting advice from Mom). But I wasn't quick enough, some plants had perfect little holes in their leaves from the hail.
The beginnings of my first banana pepper.
More banana peppers to come.
First inclining of a jalapeno. Can't wait to make salsa!
Cages from above.
Herbs and Peppers from above.


Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!
We spent the evening at Gale's house as she is recovering from ankle surgery.
Maya is reading a book to Gale (aka Gigi) and Sol.
My Mother's Day gift was a homemade dinner.
Red Leaf Lettuce with Shallot Dijon Vinaigrette and Balsamic Red Onions
In my opinion, the onions were the best part of the whole meal!
Penne with Five Cheeses hot out of the oven.
(aka Macaroni and Cheese with Ketchup for Maya)
Stewed Pineapple, Raspberries, and Blueberries and Vanilla Ice Cream
The family minus me.
There I am!


Garden Week 3

Week 3
Tomato Plants
German Johnson
Lonely Jalapeno
Herbs and Peppers
Top View: Peppers are on the move!


Bun Run

My fellow FNP school buddies and I ran our buns off in the Bun Run 5K. I brought up the rear, but finished!
Olivia, Lisa, Alicia, Ellyn


Garden Week 2

Week 2
Tomatoes are getting tall.
Had to stake the basil. The wind was taking a toll on the taller plants.
View from above.
It's hard to see, but there's a blossom for my hot banana peppers.
Elsie helping herself to some basil.

Amanda's Wedding

I was lucky enough to be Allison's date to her cousin Amanda's wedding at Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Sorry you couldn't be there Ryan.
The table assignments and place cards were in small plantings of succulent, which were also the favor. I loved them!
I collected several succulents from out-of-towners that couldn't take their favor with them. They are my new kitchen babies.


German Johnsons and the Pink Girls Week 1

Week 1
My plants are on the move.
I am very excited. All the produce has been staked.
Herbs and Peppers

Happy Birthday to Me!

My parents took me out to dinner for my birthday.
We went to TRIO at the Four Seasons.
I requested a very complex coconut birthday cake. Thanks go to Bobby Flay and my mom.
Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Birthday Dear Ellyn!
Cake and filling was my favorite part. So yummy!

Ellyn's Green Thumb

I started by birthday weekend by planting my summer garden!
I had lots of help from Momma Scholz. She's moistening soil and then I moved it to the earth boxes.
Earth boxes in transition.
It was a beautiful spring day. Elsie had her first afternoon of patio time. We were making a planting plan, where to put which plants.
Top row left to right: Sweet Basil, Jalapeno, Cilantro
Bottom row left to right: Cinnamon Basil, Hot Banana Peppers, Dill
Left: German Johnsons
Right: Pink Girls
Both are varieties of heirloom pink.
My finished garden. Thank you Mom for all your help! So excited for my new babies to start growing. Stay tuned for garden updates.


Wine Weekend in DE. SURPRISE!

I very sneakily flew to Delaware to surprise Lauren for her 30th birthday with the help of Lynsey. This is a picture of me putting my bow on, because I was Lauren's birthday present. I was very excited waiting with baited breath for Lauren's arrival.
Happy Hour drinks. Getting the birthday weekend started.

Cheers to Lauren and Lynsey turning 30! First bottle of many popped on Saturday morning. Let the mimosas flow freely. The birthday girls with their big girl wine glasses. Close up of the wine glasses Lauren made for party favors. Lauren and I ready to start the wine tour. We started with drinks and breakfast at Lynsey's house. The famous white board. We had to teach the DE girls how to use it, but it didn't take long for them to catch on. The whole group before we climbed into the white limo for the afternoon. We later decided that we should just rent a limo and drive around next time. No need to stop and get out for a good time. An afternoon of mimosas. As Lauren says," Just a sploosh of OJ for color." On our last wine trail, we couldn't keep Amy out of the winery gift shops. A wine connoisseur and her review. Brady Bunch shot! Nobody likes posing for it, but everyone loves the photo. (You're welcome) Ladies in the back of the limo: Lamby, Michelle, Lauren and Brittney The code phrase for the completed mission: The pea is in the pod! 12 bottles of champagne, 10 girls in the limo and 1 worried Wes (our driver). He was worried because we asked him to pull over so we could buy more champagne.

I had a great time being a surprise present and spending time with the DE girls. I will miss you all!