Memorial Weekend in NYC

I took a trip to visit my sister, Alyson, in New York City for Memorial Weekend. We started the weekend off right with a 4 hour shopping spree at Barneys New York, that's who my sister works for. Nothing like having your own personal shopper! This is where I did most of my damage. Then we made our way over to Lord & Taylor for a shopper's lunch. This cafe was voted best frozen yogurt. We had coffee and vanilla swirl. You would never guess we're sisters, one white and one brown. After running around for some shopping and lunch on Sunday in SoHo. We saw an afternoon musical, Cry-Baby. We walked back home through Bryant Park. I love the contrast of the green trees and grass against the city scape. Did I mention the weather was perfect for my visit! We went to a neat glass blowing exhibit. It was at a cute museum that used to be a house and has an amazing courtyard you can see above. They were blowing glass below the canopy at the far end of the picture. Very impressive. We watched them make a monkey vase, which is a vase with a monkey on each sides with their tails making the handles. Not the design I would have chosen, but interesting to watch. Sister and I had a great time and she took me to the yummiest places to eat! Pizza, tapas, mexican, italian and french just to name a few. Some of you may be aware of the TV game show "Cash Cab". Well, we didn't get a ride in the cash cab, but we did find the geography cab, where we were quizzed on world and Texas geography. We didn't win any money and still had to pay for the ride, but had fun!
We also had many wonderful breakfasts and brunches during my visit. Alyson is the best hostess and vacation planner around. Hopefully my travels will soon take me to her neck of the woods....or strip of asphalt!

Where are those plastic cups?

The night started out started out calm with just plans for dinner. And as usual Lauren and I got into trouble. We made new friends with a bunch of Air Force guys that are all paramedics. They loved them some critical care nurses! A good time was had by all, including dancing in the street. We went to a daiquiri bar to collect plastic cups for our place. We managed to get 4 cups...that's a lot of daiquiri for those following the story.
Some how I lost the cups by the end of the night....not sure how that happened. Maybe they are under the bench!


Happy Mother's Day!

A photo tribute to my mother!
She's a great lady...who likes to have fun (you can tell by the pictures)! Must be where I get it from!

Beach Volleyball Finals

Lauren took me to a professional beach volleyball match here in Charleston. We went to the final match for the men and women. Lauren with her thunder sticks!
The men played first. I had the Top Gun theme song playing in my head as I watched. They have some really nice bodies! My favorite was Phil, the Thin Beast. He's 6'9"! Can't wait to see him in the Olympics! The ladies played second. They play in the smallest bikinis ever. The women's game took longer because they actually kept the ball in play longer than the men.
It was like a big beach party. They had a fun DJ and Lauren and I enjoyed watching the drunk people dance. We did the wave, threw around beach balls and cheered on the players. We had a great time and now when the Olympics come around I can say I've seen some of those players in person! I have to thank my sponser Lauren for introducing me to beach volleyball!


Cinco de Mayo

Don't worry everyone, I managed to find a little bit of Mexico in Charleston! I went out with Daran and Leah (fellow travelers) from the hospital. We had a great time, drank a few pitchers of margaritas, met some locals, and learned to play corn hole. Daran and I will take on any team...even the best in the bar.This is one of the locals!


Hat & Sunglasses Party

I have a throw back post from our "Hat & Sunglasses Party" in March as I have just received pictures from the event. Kip was gracious enough to offer up his house for an impromptu gathering of Allison, Ryan and myself. The pictures should explain our theme and the stain on the carpet will forever be a reminder! I think Kip wins for best hat in the picture above.
Me telling Allison what a great friend she is!
A few crazy boys in their sunglasses.

That's my drinking buddy giving us his best Elvis impression!

"Margaritaville" Jimmy Buffett Concert

Made my way back up to Charlotte for the Jimmy Buffett Concert! Before the concert we made a stop at Margaritaville, a place Allison and I have been before! We know our margaritas! We tailgated before the conert. Billy brought his margarita machine and didn't stop blending until it was time to make our way into the venue. Lots of good people watching! It was not the ideal weather...a little bit chilly. Don't worry, didn't take long for the margaritas to take the edge off. The boys: Ryan, Billy, DK
Needless to say, the concert was a good time. I think my ritas had kicked in by this picture! We had lawn seat and if anyone headed away from the blanket they would get lost. We had to send out search parties on several occasions.
My Charlotte drinking buddy. I think he misses me!

Isle of Palms

Isle of Palms is one of the many beaches in the Charleston area. Lauren and I spent a beautiful afternoon there. I really liked it and will be going back...soon! This is the view from my beach chair! The water was warmer than expected.
View from the other direction. Me in my beach chair! If you come visit, we'll share our chairs with you!
Lauren soaking up the sun! We love the beach! I think I may be turning into a beach bunny!