Charleston Riverdogs

The MICU had a social outing to the local minor league baseball game, Charleston Riverdogs. It was fireworks Friday. The Riverdogs played the Catfish of Columbus. I think I may have been more excited about the hot dogs and beer than the game. We lost by the way.
Ignore the third row...they weren't with us.


TV Stand Conclusion

We had our final attempt for a TV stand this afternoon. Here's what happened from the prospective of Lauren. Ellyn came knocking on my door to tell me that the furniture company was downstairs unloading our 'tv stand'....from the looks from the window...it looked like another 'end table'. After a few chuckles...we let the man in and asked him why it wasn't a TV Stand...he said it was...and I told him it wasn't!!! I think he was a little stunned and confused on the questions I was asking him... :) I know he had nothing to do with the selection...but come on they must be able to come up with something better then end tables!!! So the end result....we decided to keep the 'black' tv stand. The original one...how sad is that...all that trouble and we are back at square one!! Oh well...it will do....we are just used to it now...no biggie!! There is no picture because there was no time. We made him turn around and leave with the two end tables. That's the end of the TV stand saga!


Spring Break 2008 - Myrtle Beach

Welcome to Spring Break '08, named so by Megan because it's spring, we are on the beach, and drinking was involved! It was also appropriate as everyone we met thought we were all in college. We found it flattering and amusing as we are all closer to 30 than 20. Go us!

Lauren, Allison and I all arrived Friday afternoon. After a yummy seafood dinner we ended up at a piano bar. First we had many beers, as you can see to the left in the picture above, and then stepped it up a notch. Lauren's favorite Washington Apples! There were also jello shots in 60mL syringes which Lauren and I found particularly amusing. Megan joined us Saturday. We spent all day by the pool. The picture above was the view from our room. The tiki bar was located to the left and the beach just beyond the pool. Everyone got a little sun and the people watching was fun. The weather was perfect. Just warm enough with a cool breeze, couldn't ask for anything better.
Here's a picture of Megan in case you don't believe she was there. She's giving me her sensual look. Gonna give her a shout out as Megan's birthday was the day after mine. We cruised up and down the main strip to get the whole spring break effect. Then we headed out to drink beer and be entertained by bad karaoke. Finished up the whole trip with a little more pool time before everyone left in separate directions. I'm so glad everyone made it out to the beach. It's a spring break I'll never forget!


Happy Birthday To Me!

It's my birthday today and I'm blogging from work. That may sound bad, but I've got a whole weekend celebration planned in Myrtle Beach! Get ready for that post. I came home from work this morning to find a cupcake with candle waiting for me, white with chocolate icing (one of my favorites!) and decorations all over my room.
I knew I started traveling with Lauren for a reason. I made my lemon cake with many thanks to my mother and enjoyed 2 pieces before going to work. Why 2 pieces you ask because I'm the birthday girl! No sleep for the weary...heading home to pack after work and then it's straight to Myrtle Beach! Stay tuned...


Wine & Beer Fest

We made a trip out to Boone Hall Plantation for Charleston's Wine and Beer Festival yesterday and had a blast! After spending the afternoon at the pool, we spent the evening drinking wine.
The weather was perfect and the grounds were beautiful. They had 3 live bands in the big tent you see below.
When we entered the festival we were given a wine glass. We made our way around to all the smaller tents tasting all different kinds of wine. We had lots of favorites and ended up buying 8 bottles! We're ready for some visitors to share our wine with.
Once we knew what wine we liked...we had a few glasses! We decided to get food from the mexican tent. Yummy tacos and pico de gallo! Reminded me of home.
After the wine fest we headed out to a bar we were told to visit while on the east side of town. It was on the water. We made new friends right away! Lauren and I set a goal when we first arrived in Charleston that we needed to find someone with a boat. I am pleased to report that it only took us 2 weeks to make a friend with a boat!
We had a few adult beverages and might have gotten a little out of control. Fun was had by all! (So much fun that we didn't make it out on the boat the next day. But don't worry, we will make onto a boat before we leave!)


Shout Out to Steve!

This is a very special blog entry. It is so special that Lauren and I feel an explanation is necessary. This is dedicated to Steve. He is our recruiter at MedStaff. He's our go-to man who solves all our problems. He rocks! This is for you Steve!
Below you will see an example of our furniture in our very nice apartment. If you need more examples, please refer to the 3/31 post. Take note how the furniture matches in all the rooms. Upon moving in...we were shorted a TV stand. So we called Steve...
After calling Steve...we received the TV stand below. As you can see, it is not the same caliber as the rest of our furniture. We think there's a chance that the delivery guys may have taken the real TV stand and snagged one from Goodwill on the way over. So we called Steve... We were told there would be an EXCHANGE of TV stands. We returned to find the "TV stand" below, which is really an end table. It also does not match and it is missing the piece of glass from the center; notice the carpet through the hole. And now we have both the end table AND the Goodwill donation mentioned above. So we called Steve...to be continued!


Bars with Boardgames

Lauren and I took advantage of our 1 evening off in our 6 day run of working. We found a great local bar with games and a wide variety of beer. I had a strong lead on Connect 4 in the beginning, but ultimately gave it away to Lauren. Tried some new beer, made some new friends...things are looking up in South Carolina. I think we may really like it here!


Folly Beach

We made it to Folly Beach and were so excited to have the sun on our face and the sand in our toes! We took a little drive out to the beach where the locals hang.
The waves were beautiful and lots of surfers out. The water was a little cold, but not too bad overall. So happy to be spending an extended amount of time near the beach. Our apartment is only 15 short miles to the beach.
Me collecting seashells! We've started quite a collection on our first visit to the beach. There are lots of fun restaurants and happy hour joints that we'll be visiting! Bring on the seafood! It's gonna be a beach party!
Here's Lauren testing the beach chairs. We are ready to spend the summer at the beach! Buying a cooler is next on the shopping list! Then we will be ready to hit the beach as soon as we have a day off.
If you can't find us the sign above should answer your question for the next 3 months!

Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places

Yes, boys and girls it's not all play. We do have to go to work a few days out of the week. I am working in the Medical ICU. Please note the palm trees...everyone has Palmetto Pride in the state of South Carolina. They are everywhere!