Wine Weekend in DE. SURPRISE!

I very sneakily flew to Delaware to surprise Lauren for her 30th birthday with the help of Lynsey. This is a picture of me putting my bow on, because I was Lauren's birthday present. I was very excited waiting with baited breath for Lauren's arrival.
Happy Hour drinks. Getting the birthday weekend started.

Cheers to Lauren and Lynsey turning 30! First bottle of many popped on Saturday morning. Let the mimosas flow freely. The birthday girls with their big girl wine glasses. Close up of the wine glasses Lauren made for party favors. Lauren and I ready to start the wine tour. We started with drinks and breakfast at Lynsey's house. The famous white board. We had to teach the DE girls how to use it, but it didn't take long for them to catch on. The whole group before we climbed into the white limo for the afternoon. We later decided that we should just rent a limo and drive around next time. No need to stop and get out for a good time. An afternoon of mimosas. As Lauren says," Just a sploosh of OJ for color." On our last wine trail, we couldn't keep Amy out of the winery gift shops. A wine connoisseur and her review. Brady Bunch shot! Nobody likes posing for it, but everyone loves the photo. (You're welcome) Ladies in the back of the limo: Lamby, Michelle, Lauren and Brittney The code phrase for the completed mission: The pea is in the pod! 12 bottles of champagne, 10 girls in the limo and 1 worried Wes (our driver). He was worried because we asked him to pull over so we could buy more champagne.

I had a great time being a surprise present and spending time with the DE girls. I will miss you all!